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No Time To Let Up, Time For Action Is Now

The world’s inaction is deafening.

The United Nations says that it expects most of the remaining 500,000 Rohingya outside of IDP camps in Burma to cross the border to Bangladesh, seeking safety from the genocidal Burmese military in the coming weeks. And the Burmese military’s response is a belief that their actions will have no repercussions. That like in the past, after some international noise the Rohingya will be forgotten – and so they continue to operate with impunity because the world does nothing to stop the genocide.

We cannot give up hope. As Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister told us, the Burmese military and government do not change course unless there is pressure and they are forced to act.

“If the international pressure drops, Myanmar will not do anything,” – Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, (Bangladeshi home minister)

We have to keep up the pressure at this critical time when focus has shifted to providing relief supplies to Rohingya and no longer pressuring the .

In The US

Over the past few weeks we have been in touch with several Senators and their offices and they have mentioned that some Senators are still unaware of Senate Resolution 250, which condemns “Myanmar’s horiffic acts of violence against the Rohingya.” We need your help more than ever to get bipartisan support for its passage.

Find your Senator here.

  • Ask them to support S. Res 250.

Also make the following 4 asks:

  • Call it a Genocide: There is momentum in the media and with political leaders to accurately term the violence against the Rohingya what it is: a genocide. Official recognition of the atrocities as “genocide” will lead to the implementation of the “Genocide Convention” and “Responsibility to Protect.”
  • Establish a Safe Zone: Support the only suggestion on the table offered by the Bangladesh Prime Minister: Establish a safe zone inside Burma with the UN peacekeepers to defend Rohingyas if attacked, until the Kofi Annan recommendations facilitate restoration of Rohingya citizenship and their rights as equal citizens.
  • Allow Access to Relief: Airlift urgently needed shelter, food supplies, and medicine to Bangladesh with transport helicopters for distribution.
  • Support full sanctions on Myanmar: minus food, shelter and medicine, until full access to UN and humanitarian relief organizations as well as Rohingya citizenship is restored.

Around the World

Major Muslim majority countries across the world have spoken out against Burma’s violence but they must strengthen their condemnations with the tangible 4 asks mentioned above.


Key Muslim Ambassadors at the UN


Masud Momen

P: +1 (212) 867-3434 | E:


Maleeha Lodhi

P: +1 (212) 879-8600

E: | Deputy Representative, Nabeel Munir:

T: @LodhiMaleeha


Feridun Hadi Sinirlioglu

P: +1 (212) 949-01 50 | +1 (212) 949-01 57


T: @Turkey_UN


Gholamali Khoshroo

P: +1 (212) 687-2020

Saudi Arabia

Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Muallami

P: 12125571525

T: @amouallimi


Dato’ Muhammad Shahrul Ikram Yaakob

P: +1 (212) 986-6310

T: @MYNewYorkUN1


Dian Triansyah Djani

P: +1 (212) 972-8333


T: @indonesiaunny


Tijani Muhammad-Bande

P: +1 (212) 953-9130

T: @USEmbassyAbuja

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