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How Can You Help Burmese Muslims This Ramadan?

While the Rohingya crisis is off the media radar, the genocide of Rohingyas continues. Every day, Burmese government is pushing 500 or so Rohingyas off the shores of Burma. This is an ongoing crisis for years now. It is a part of their stated policy.

Burmese Muslims need your urgent and consistent help.

Why is the US so Important for the Rohingya cause?

– This is the only country in the whole world where the House of Representatives has passed a resolution in support of Rohingyas.

– This is the only major country whose president has spoken out for the humanity of Rohingyas.

– Unlike Europe, the US still blocks top military-connected Burmese businessmen from doing business with the US.

– The US called on Thailand and other countries to stop pushing back Rohingyas to the sea, which Australia continues to do.

– The US has done this, Alhamdu lillah, thanks to your efforts. It is critical that we keep up with our efforts.

Burma Task Force, the united coalition of 19 organizations in North America, needs your urgent help to stop this genocide.

This Ramadan, Masjid Support is Critical for Burma

There are not many Rohingya Muslims in the US, so as an Ummah, we need to take on the responsibility of being their voice and providing support to them.

Dua – The simple act of making special dua for our Burmese brothers and sisters is the most powerful way to help. Make sure your Imam includes Muslims of Burma in his duas every Friday. You family also needs to make dua before every iftar, especially, during the blessed days of Ramadan.

Fundraising – Please get your masjid to assign one night for fundraising to stop genocide in Burma. The Burmese government permits the UN to feed Rohingyas at about the low levels Nazis were feeding their prisoners. Relief supplies are still not reaching Rohingya inside Burma, so support our work with critical funds to open up Burma for relief organizations, media, and human rights organizations. Can your masjid do that for Burmese Muslims? Please click here to commit.

Sign Up for “10 Minutes a Day” Campaign – Our 10 minutes a day campaign has done miracles. It has literally stopped a couple of attacks in its tracks when tens of thousands of you started calling Burmese embassies and other governments to stop the attacks after they had began. Most of this campaign is sustained through email alerts, so if you gather email addresses of friends, family, co-workers, community members, etc., you can easily maximize the exposure to the reality of the genocide in Burma. We can provide you sign-up sheets. Just announce after Juma and Taraweeh for people to sign up. Every bit helps.

Here Are Some Zero-Cost Ways You Can Help:

1. Can You Develop a Phone Tree?

A phone tree is an effective strategy for reaching many people at one time in a personalized way. Ten volunteers can call then designated persons to inform them to make a phone call to a number we provide. And then calling five other persons to do the same. This is a more personal way of informing others. We can do that through robo-calls, but personalized call through phone tree performs many many folds better. Can you develop a phone tree? Please click here.

2. Can You Link with Your Websites?

If you’re the owner of a website, you can easily include links to the Burma Task Force website to promote the cause and raise awareness. If you can direct some traffic towards our website, we will be able to increase exposure of the cause to more diverse groups. Can you do that for Burmese Muslims? Please click here.

3. Muslim Student Groups

If you’re a member of a Muslim student group in either high school or college, you can help the cause by arranging fundraisers, sending out emails with information about the cause, or even volunteering for Burma Task Force. Contact Burma Task Force on for information about volunteer opportunities. Please click here.

Fill out the this commitment form to let us know how you can help!

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