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Action Alert: Give Positive Feedback To The Atlantic

The Atlantic published an intimate pictorial essay of Rohingya in a camp for internally displaced persons in Burma communicating with relatives who left Burma as refugees. The Rohingya are forced to conduct these personal and emotional conversations in the company of everyone else in the “Internet hut.” See the images here. See the Action Item below to find out how you can thank The Atlantic for running this piece that offers faces and personal stories behind the Rohingya suffering.    Positive feedback can ensure continued reporting. Please contact The Atlantic magazine to commend them for their pictorial essay described above. This essay contributes to the necessary and vital work of humanizing the suffering of the Rohingya by attaching faces to personal stories.     Submit an email by using the form here.   Tweet your appreciation to Alan Taylor (@kokogiak), the senior editor who oversees the Photo section of The Atlantic.   Call 202-266-6000 and praise their work in the piece.   Please also remember to share the links of the photo essay, on facebook and in email, along with this newsletter! If we work together we can build a movement.

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