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Myanmar Army (Tatmadaw)’s Response

The Tatmadaw urges some Diplomatic Missions in Myanmar not to make unwarranted assumptions about the situation. The international community should not be endorsing the next steps of the political process on a ” business-as-usual” basis, without understanding the actual events, and without any examination of these numbers and lists, which the Tatmadaw laid open to examination by the international and national media on 29 January 2021.

The Tatmadaw is the one pressing for adherence to de1nocratic norms, and requesting the UEC and NLD-led government to make public the official and final data from the UEC. But to date, they have not. The Tatmadaw categorically denies it is impeding Myanmar’s democratic transition – we would kindly point out that it was the military who set the country on this path of democratic transition since it drew up the 2008 Constitution which laid out the roadmap for orderly reform and graduate transition to a democracy.

It is not the outcome itself of the elections that the Tatmadaw is objecting to in its interaction with the UEC and the NLD-led government; why then did the goven1ment of U Thein Sein, backed by the Tatmadaw, fully accept the 2015 election results that gave the NLD a landslide victory? Rather, the Tatmadaw finds the process of the 2020 election unacceptable, with over 10.5 million cases of potential fraud, such as non-existent voters. Would any of the countries whose Missions issued the Statement accept such massive fraud?

Clearly, some Diplomatic Missions in Mya1unai· have released a statement without proper knowledge of what has actually happened, and we urge you to reconsider the facts, review the data, and the implications of this statement. The Tatmadaw will do everything possible to adhere to the democratic norms of free and fair elections, as set out by the 2008 Constitution, lasting peace, and inclusive well-being and prosperity for the people of Myanmar.


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