Burma Task Force Is Working With the ICC to Bring Burma to Justice

The Myanmar government has once again demonstrated bad faith through its unwillingness to restore citizenship to over a million Rohingya Muslims. Without citizenship, basic rights to security, property, and livelihood are effectively non-existent.

Excluding the critical issue of citizenship means Myanmar is not negotiating in good faith. Rohingya refugees will not simply return to a situation in which their very lives are in jeopardy because of ethnic and religious hate that is directed at them. The legal guarantees and civil protections of citizenship must be part of any repatriation agreement.

Burma Task Force is working diligently to apply the international pressure that, God willing, will result in the restoration of citizenship for the Rohingya. We have retained a powerful attorney of international law to bring Myanmar before a tribunal of the International Criminal Court (ICC), where the government will be forced to recognize and answer for its crimes. Our lawyer just finished visiting the refugee camps in Bangladesh, and is now returning to the ICC to prosecute our case.

Your kind donations ensure that we can continue this vital work to bring accountability to the perpetrators of the Rohingya genocide, and to assure lasting justice for the Rohingya.